Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday Ridin

For my next assignment in my digital art class I'm supposed to design a magazine spread, ya know, something involving both photos and text. I thought it be a good chance to write about myself and the kids we ride with and about our bike adventures. I started by taking some pictures of us messing around today. The project has a long way to go, and depending on how awesome or shitty it turns out I may or may not post it on here. Anyway, here are the first pictures.
brett wheelie
wheelie type thing

That second one of Ali is basically awesome. You can check out the rest on my flickr if you wish.


  1. you just jealous! cara says, let us know next time you'n catherine're off work during the day and it's sunny so we can take pictures of you doing crazy ass things on a bike.

  2. I'll be sure to bring my camera Thursday night!

  3. the skid and useless trick on flckr are best

    fuck work