Friday, April 16, 2010

Exploring the Greenway

Last week Ali, Andrew, and I went exploring the trail where the new greenway's going to be. There wasn't much to see yet, just some rocks and railroad parts. We got on it at White Station and had to walk our bikes because it was so rough. We got to the bridge and had to climb up over it to cross the river. We had to pass over some heavy duty machinery and some freshly stained wood (stunk like hell), and I'm pretty sure we were trespassing. After the bridge we could ride on the trail but it just spit us out a little less than a mile later behind the prison. It's totally going to rule when it's finished and will be a super fast way to get through town, but right now it's not practical for road bikes. I got a few pictures from the instax, which after a week in my bag they're all scratched up, so sorry about the bad quality.

greenway bridge

andrew bridge

more on the flickr.

Brett and I have been riding with the Thursday night ride lately and it's been great riding with such a big group. Last night there were about 15 or so of us. We road downtown to super shady spot and got the cops called on us, haha. There were a few ledges some people were jumping that I want to go back and try. I was to afraid of busting my ass in front of everyone. I like to fall in private, haha. The ride was definitely fun, but it ended too soon! Now if we could only get some more people on the late ride (hint).


  1. Don't be afraid of bustin' yo ass! A lot of the people on these rides grew up skateboarding and bmxing so we're used to busting and watching our friends bust. The fact that we're seeing a girl just TRYING stuff is amazing! We're going to hit up a few places on next weeks ride where I used to skate and we'll just goof around. I hope you'll be in more of a mood to try some stuff. (The ledges are a little smaller, too.)