Monday, November 14, 2011


On Saturday, some of the Memphis crew met up with some of the Little Rock crew at the Southaven Street Hockey Courts, about 15 miles south of our usual spot.

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Took a bunch of pictures, which you can check out here, but here's a few highlights:

Kermit's really reaching.

Adam's windup.

Two teams, fifteen square feet.

Polo Ladiezzzzz!

Cara kills it on the dropout.

Aaaaand, one more, which may seem ordinary at first glance...


but check out those expressions. Faces of polo, yikes.




Southaven is a much bigger, nicer court than we're used to, and I really think we flourished on it. Passing is so much easier when there's actually more than three feet between each player. The surface was pretty nice too, grippy yet smooth, and Adam's Canadian street hockey balls were perfect, bouncing off the backboards to set up rebounds and sideboards to get around pesky defenders. The other couple of times I'd been there, I'd found the size a bit too much, but either I'm in better shape or just don't have to chase the ball down as much, 'cus this time it just felt right.

Lotsa fun, can't wait to go back, can't wait to play with Little Rock again.

Oh, and I also managed to unthread my lockring, which I didn't know was really possible. I had thought that the design of the mechanism was such that resisting pedaling actually tightened a lockring, but I suppose that could be wrong? Anyways, I managed to slap it back on, but it was looking pretty ragged:


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Milwaukee Mill-Rawk-ees!

A little over a month ago, we got a curiously shaped package in the mail from Ben's Cycle...


Hmmm, what could it possibly be?!


BOOM! Six-pack of shafts courtesy of Milwaukee Bike Company! I can only assume they read my review comparing some of the different shafts out there and sent me a little thank you. I was super taken back and excited - definitely unexpected. So yeah, just want extend an enormous thank you their way! Their stuff is quality fo' sho', and down here in the land of no snow, you can be sure they're gonna get some use.

Enor Mouse gives thanks.

Monday, November 7, 2011


Be on the lookout; my friend Charles' bike got stolen outta a locked garage the other day. It's a teal Volume Cutter and it's fresh as hell, not to mention it's his polo bike, so if you see it, feel free to issue a beatdown, call the cops, call Charles up at up the Midtown Outdoors Inc, follow the guy home and burn his house down (while saving the bike of course), or just stop the dude and ask where he got the bike. Whichever strikes your fancy.

Here's a pic from polo in Little Rock:


It's a VERY distinctive bike with a pretty limited audience. I mean, I guess anyone lookin' for a hip fixie would think it was pretty sweet, but it's geared really low. So yeah, hopefully the person that stole it makes a mistake and tries to sell it in town and gets caught, 'cus this shit makes me sad.