Friday, April 23, 2010

Chrome shoes and Thursday Ride

So we got our free Chromes in the mail a few days ago and I've worn them everyday since. I love these shoes. I still don't know if I would fork out the money for them, but they have definitely impressed me so far. I wore them to the studios everyday this week so they're already nice and dirty. Now everytime we go riding we look like a team wearing our uniform shoes! Brett took some pictures of them the other day and I'm sure he'll post about them more in depth later, but here are my favs.

chrome bar spin

I've also been working on keos a bit. They're pretty much tiny and sucky at this point, but I've only been trying since yesterday. I still like this picture, though.

tiny keo

The Thursday ride was pretty fun last night. I haven't fallen really hard since the infamous trolley track face plant about two years ago, but I made up for it big time last night, eating it hard a record four times. Brett tried to murder me by accidentally running me over twice. I then bombed when I landed crooked jumping the Shangri-la ledge, and once more on the way home while tricking with my feet in the straps. That wouldn't normally have been so much of a problem, but I was too tired and achy from falling so much already, I had no business trying anything. Just in general, I shouldn't be trying tricks in the straps until I'm actually good at them. Speaking of learning tricks, it seems I've started the whole freestyle thing when everyone else in Memphis is getting over it. It'd be nice to have some people to help me out when learning new stuff, but not many people ride fixed anymore beside our little group. I can't wait for Charles to get his Cutter. He's gonna be tearing it up. If Ali wasn't too punk rock for group rides, she would have rode that huge bank with me last night. lolz. I know I should be happy that there are girls riding at all, and I am, but I guess I just want more girls to practice tricks and be awesome with. Ali's still working on the bar spins, but definitely got trackstands down. At the end of the night I had a swollen ankle, a bloody knee and elbow, and a comforting sense of accomplishment.

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  1. It took me long enough to learn skateboarding. I don't have time to learn fixed tricks. I just want to go fast. But I'm all for sessioning anywhere (in front of the Forum was lots of fun!)