Thursday, May 24, 2012

This one's for Kermit

Since I'm usually the one constantly checking the LoBP boards, I'm also the one who has the prissy duty of telling people that what they just did on the polo court was illegal, and thus, their goal doesn't count. Well, tonight I found myself on the receiving end of this double-edged sword.

So, there's this one move I like to do that people (green people especially) think is illegal, and tell me so, yet I do it time and time again, insisting that it falls in a grey area: sweeping someone's planted mallet with my wheel.

Now, if you go by the old rules (like to like contact), then this is obviously illegal - bike to mallet is a no-no. BUT! Under the most current edition of the rules, this area is mysteriously absent...

Let's check out the relevant section:

After that it goes into checking, interfering with the goalie, intent to injure, and throwing mallets, before moving on to section eleven, Time Outs. I suppose that one could argue that since it's not covered in the Permitted Contact section, it's not allowed at all, but I would argue that mallet-to-body, mallet-to-bike, and body-to-bike (all illegal) are covered with their own section. Why wouldn't they add a section for bike to mallet if they wanted to ban it?

Still, it's kind of confusing that they didn't address it at all. Guess we'll just have to wait for Volume Two...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Crosstown Polo

Holy crap, a blog entry!

Memphis polo was invited to play at Bikesploitation film festival this year. A good time was had by all. Except Adam, but that goes without saying (just kidding). We've played exhibition games before, at the Midnight Classic, and I was expecting the same bemused indifference from the crowd, but it seemed like people were a little more interested this time. Got one complete newbie out there, although I think he may have been a friend of a player.

The spot itself was pretty epic, on top of the crumbling Sears Crosstown building's parking garage. The court was...interesting? Very very grippy, tore the crap out of mallet heads and really grabbed the ball, yet still managed to feel slippier than regular asphalt. That, combined with the extra short court, made for a kinda frantic session, but we did at least get to play on a regulation width (60 feet).

Took a few pictures with Cara's camera - sure she has some more and better ones to share, but for now here's a few. Whole set is on the flickr.

Does Andy just always look this serene, or is it the whole Jesus connection?

Andy's forearm makes him look like Popeye. Kermit looks like if Gilligan were a farmer.


Kermit's peekin' out the pit.

Something is very interesting slightly out of frame. Also, check out how Kermit is holding his mallet.