Thursday, April 15, 2010

Out the Frame (Bag)

Summer's approaching (or kinda's already here - 85 degree high anyone?) and more and more I find myself not wanting to use a bag unless I have to. It's not that I don't love my timbuk2 - I do! But that wet sweat stripe on my back just gets old! Not to mention I just feel more free and natural without a bag. But I don't wanna slap a rack on my bike. What's a cyclist to do? FRAME BAG!


I'm super proud of this one. I sewed it myself (with lots of advice and help from Cara, of course). Considering it's only my second project ever, I think I did pretty fantastic! Some of its features include:

*U-Lock Holster!
*Sweet Stripe down the middle!
*Velcro Straps for easy removal!
*Waterproof plastic interior!

Basically, it rules. Of course, it doesn't hold all THAT much. But if I need to carry a bunch of stuff, I'll go ahead and grab the bag. This is more for the usual repair kit/pump and lunches and stuff that I take with me on my daily commute.

A bit more detailed pictures after the break:

Zipper side

U-Lock Side

Velcro Strap

Rain-proof interior (and my sandwich tupperware)

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