Monday, May 9, 2011


There's a new fixed-gear forum that popped up in the last couple of days called Memfixed, set up by Rem, who works at Midtown Bikes and wandered by polo on Wednesday.

I dunno if we convinced him to play much, but then again his bike looks like it was meant more for beasting out than polo:

He's reppin' that Kilo TT, what whaaaaaaat! Anyways, he seems like a cool dude, so register for the forum, if you're into that kinda thing. Guy just moved here from Las Vegas and he's already organizin' n' shit, good stuff.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Hey, I learned a neat trick! Keep reading to learn all about my encounters with broke-ass nipples. Keep your own nipple count at home, kids!

I'm constantly breaking nipples and spokes playing polo, even with wheel covers. Maybe that's kinda my fault for using my wheel to block stuff while spinning at ludicrous speed, but anyways, it's a pain, especially with my deep rims. I've lost more than a couple nipples trying to poke 'em through the holes. So I was positively DELIGHTED to learn a little pro-tip from one of Outdoors Inc's resident shop rats, Matt.


The problem, as you can see, is a busted nipple. Time for a boob job, but how to hold on to that slippery little fella? Simple: Take a loose spoke and thread the nipple on backwards. Genius!


Now all ya have to do is poke the nipple in and screw it onto the wheel spoke. As it threads ON to the wheel, it'll thread off of your extra spoke.


Voila! Now you're good to go, at least until you accidentally bust two more spokes by thrusting your own mallet into your wheel, anyway.

So yeah, Matt's a badass. Maybe everybody knows this trick already, but it blew my mind.

Final Nipple Count (including this one) - Enough to feed this many puppies: