Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hold Fast straps!

So last week I was attempting to jump a couple stairs, nothing exciting except that my DIY pedals straps completely failed me! I put so much hard work into them only to have one snap off while I was mid-air leaving me with a good bump on my head and some bitchin whiplash. I was always on the do-it-yourself side of things when it came to pedal straps, but when the condition of my head became an issue (yeah, yeah "wear a helmet") i felt I should invest in a more assured way of foot retention. HOLD FAST STRAPS! Since I can't ignore the super trendiness of these, I went with the ugliest color available, neon yellow.

new :)
Oh yeah. I haven't had the chance to ride a long distance yet, but I think they'll be much safer than these guys
old :(
They had a good run. Neon yellow can never compare with sea foam green. You should get on that sea foam green, Hold Fast people.