Monday, June 4, 2012

Playin' Catch-Up: Epic Bike Weekend

I've been neglecting the blog more than usual, and I actually have a ton of stuff goin' on. So yeah, first up: Friendlies polo at Epic Bike Weekend in Jackson, MS.

Jason, Adam, Kermit, Charles and myself all were able to make it down to Jackson for a day of pick-up with their crew as well as some Mobil-ians. Jackson's definitely picking up their game, could notice improvements all around - it's pretty crazy they just started playing in January. I feel like most polo clubs have a tipping point where things stop just being about screwing around and start ramping up. For us, it was the addition of a new player that had played all around Europe. Unfortunately, that didn't happen for us until after about a year of playing. Jackson's getting there in about four months.

Mobile, of course, is a well-established club, and were definitely pushing us. They may not have wiped the walls with us, but we were definitely scrambling to match 'em. Lots of speed, great shots, juked me outta my shorts a few times. Guess those are the times I tell myself I'm learning? Anyways, great to meet 'em, look forward to seeing them in October.

As usual when I get all hot and bothered, I didn't take as many photos as I should have, but here are some favorites. Also as usual, more can be found on the flickrrrrrrr.

This looks cool, until you realize all the boards on this court were like a foot tall. AIRBALL=SUX.

Gotta love the cross.

Turn and burn, bitches.

Kevin was officially Too Good™.

What can I say, love a photo where the ball is still flying through the air.

Kevin with some awesome form.

Yeah, I know, open goal, but HOVERBALL!

Preeeeetty sure Liz is doing the Xena battle cry here.

Kevin is an enigma. Nitin is veiny.

Two for flinching. Or, it would be if we could see Kermit's face right now.

Polo close-ups are invariably intense.

Next time we'll take a trip back in time to when Jackson came to Memphis!

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