Friday, June 8, 2012

Playin' Catch Up: First Encounters of the Jacksonian Kind

Dateline: Jackson, MS - New Years Eve, 2011. Somewhere in the city, a group of cyclists set out to make history. Little did they know, from their humble beginnings...

HC BP in JX from Peter Hammond on Vimeo.

...they would grow into full-fledged MONSTARS OF POLOOOOO.


Alright, enough hyperbole. To get to the ACTUAL facts, a while ago, I couldn't help but notice that Jackson, MS had joined the league of bike polo site. I also couldn't resist inviting them up to the southaven courts to meet some of the wider polo community for the first time.

Obviously, this post is months late, but yeah, had a blast with 'em. SOOOOOPER stoked to have people close to us playing. I've always felt like Memphis was a bit of a polo oasis. For the longest, we had Little Rock, but just about nothing else for about five or six hours in any direction. I took a few pictures, but I wasn't paying attention and overexposed a bunch of them - also, it was unseasonably hot so again, I neglected my documentarial duties. Anyways, a few highlights and the flickr set:

Is Kermit yawning in this?

Ok, yes, overexposed like the sun pissed on it, but I had to get a shot in of the big shuffle/throw.

Stretch Farmstrong.

I seem to get this shot of Liz every time...

Andy's secret? Shoes For Crews. For superior pedal grip and just lookin' stylish.


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