Thursday, May 24, 2012

This one's for Kermit

Since I'm usually the one constantly checking the LoBP boards, I'm also the one who has the prissy duty of telling people that what they just did on the polo court was illegal, and thus, their goal doesn't count. Well, tonight I found myself on the receiving end of this double-edged sword.

So, there's this one move I like to do that people (green people especially) think is illegal, and tell me so, yet I do it time and time again, insisting that it falls in a grey area: sweeping someone's planted mallet with my wheel.

Now, if you go by the old rules (like to like contact), then this is obviously illegal - bike to mallet is a no-no. BUT! Under the most current edition of the rules, this area is mysteriously absent...

Let's check out the relevant section:

After that it goes into checking, interfering with the goalie, intent to injure, and throwing mallets, before moving on to section eleven, Time Outs. I suppose that one could argue that since it's not covered in the Permitted Contact section, it's not allowed at all, but I would argue that mallet-to-body, mallet-to-bike, and body-to-bike (all illegal) are covered with their own section. Why wouldn't they add a section for bike to mallet if they wanted to ban it?

Still, it's kind of confusing that they didn't address it at all. Guess we'll just have to wait for Volume Two...


  1. It doesn't say certain non-incidental bike contact is not permitted either. So leverage on a wheel from my wheel would fall in line with your argument, however outrageous your claim may be! I just think your sponsor wants you to break mallets so people have to buy new ones.

  2. 10.3.2 Throwing a rear wheel...into another player's bike is not permitted.

    hmmmmm, who does this about 20 times a game?

  3. im pretty sure when they say mallet to bike, that bike to mallet is assumed. I mean, that's what I would think. sorry bro, but I think you're nitpicking a little.

  4. Throwing a rear wheel into another player is different than a player running into your rear wheel because they can't stop as fast as you can. I did used to do it before I knew it was illegal, and I will still get up on the front wheel although only a rare occasion as intimidation or to stop quickly but not with the intent to hit or whale slap anyone.

    20 times per game? Boo-yah