Friday, May 7, 2010

You thought you were safe?!

Didn't think there'd be an alleycat at BFF Memphis this year? YOU WERE WRONG!

Andrew and I have one in the works tentatively scheduled for May 23rd! Stay tuned for full deets within the next three days! Lots of Exclaimation Points! Booyah! Spread the word - hopefully people can stick around Memphis for one more day.


  1. Joel from Outdoors was very interested in this when I saw him yesterday.

  2. Here's the post from last year:

    At Peabody Park there were 3 people with water balloons and waterguns, Riverboats were the cobblestones, Greenbelt Park you had to fill a cup with river water then it was thrown on you, Cooper was a slip'n'slide to finish. The prizes were Bosco's Growlers (brewed with Memphis water).

    But, of course, make it your own and awesome.

    Just pull my logo from my header for the flyer. I have some DVD's, hip pouches, caps, and t-shirts.

    Mark me down to run a checkpoint, as well. Call me!