Sunday, May 16, 2010


So it's been a minute since polo happened, March 11th to be exact. I only remember that because it was my bday, but it was TOO long ago. All you lazy people that don't wanna come out after midnight might have to get over it because that's pretty much the only time when everyone's off work and available. Just kidding about the lazy, but seriously we should play soon! I was thinking tomorrow night. It's supposed to rain all day tomorrow until around midnight, so it's perfect timing for you late workin folk. So polo tomorrow night around midnight? ehh? same spot? Brett mentioned Rocky showed him a couple spots to play at, so we might migrate.

(back when my bike was still somewhat fresh and clean)

And since it's going to rain on my first day off in forevs, I might try and get some more mallets made. I still have tons of that plastic tubing but no ski poles or clubs to stick em on! Anyone got any ski poles laying around? I'm also going to make some prizes for the alleycat, caps and bags probably. Speaking of bags, sorry Cort for kind of flaking on making messenger bags to sell, this is most free time I've had in awhile.

So if you're down for polo tomorrow night (if it's not raining), let me or brett know because it most likely won't happen if less than 6 people want to. It most likely won't happen anyway, but I still have hope!

I'm considering buying this completely ridiculously awesome saddle. If it wasn't just 15 bucks I wouldn't consider it at all, but it's terribly silly and I want it!