Monday, May 17, 2010

Polo follow-up

So outta like 30 people that Brett texted/called and the people that saw the previous post, only six showed up (including us two), but it was enough! Because our limited number of players, we were only able to get in two games, each to 5. In the first game, my team (me, Sam, and Andy) had a bitchin lead only to get smoked in the end by Brett, Charles, and Nic. Final score was 5-4. The second game was a rematch, but we still lost (lolz) and the score was 5-3.

Even though we lost, I had a really good game overall. I had a couple of hard angle shots from mid-court, as well as a few little ones, so I felt accomplished. The night didn't last long, but it was super-chill and still competitive (in a friendly way). It was also my first time to play on the Plug. The crazy head tube angle made sharp turns really easy and controllable. I always feel really good riding home from a polo game down Poplar with mallets sticking outta my bag and a stack of goal cones on my handlebars.

The night was fun, but the turnout of people was kinda disappointing. Memphis needs to get on it! We're going to start making this a weekly thing. Every Sunday at 8 pm, polo will happen, we just need folks to come out and play! We have about 8 mallets currently, but plans and materials to make more, and if Fix Memphis wants in on the action, I think they have around the same number (?).



  1. I think I have about 4 mallets and at least one more ball. Let me get through the BFF and I'll have more time.

  2. Where? Midnight is too late, 8pm may be possible though.

  3. Yea the late start last night was just cause the rain but YES, 8 pm from now on. We play in a church parking lot at Poplar and East Parkway. I don't know the name of it but it's the one on the northeast corner. We've checked out a couple of other spots, but so far this is the only one that's big enough, flat enough, well lit, and still in midtown. But everyone should keep their eyes open for possible spots!

  4. It's the First Baptist Church for those that are curious. Here's a map of it.