Thursday, January 5, 2012

Finally, Polo in Mississippi!

I was lurking around lobp last night, when I saw a new addition to the "Who's New" section. After a little sleuthing (read: facebook creepin'), it was confirmed: there's finally bike polo going on in Mississippi! I mean, other than us sneaking down to Southaven to play on their courts.

They've even got a little edit already:

HC BP in JX from Peter Hammond on Vimeo.

Definitely reminds me of the good old days. Now, we just gotta make sure they stick with it so we have some new peeps to play.

On the other hand, this does kinda kill an idea I had of holding our first tournament down at the Southaven street hockey courts and calling it the Mississippi State Bicycle Polo Championship. But I guess it's worth it.


  1. if anyone down there needs some mallet material tell them to him me up at

    "classic" yellow HDPE... i have tons.. just lookin' to spread the love!

  2. Will pass the word on. Think they've started up with Eighth Inch, hafta see how long that lasts before they get the diy itch.