Thursday, December 8, 2011

Don't Call it a Comeback

Ok, full disclosure. As much as I like Eighth Inch stuff, I had kinda written off their polo gear. Well, they're shoving it right back in my face with their new "Pro" Model mallet head.

Color me impressed! They got their weight down to 80 grams (from 120 grams), which, in my opinion, was the main thing holding them down. I mean, literally - they were like anchors. I kid. But really, they just weren't as conducive to fancy-pantsin' around. Probably still not as light as good old-fashioned HDPE with speed holes, but gotta be gettin' close. As long as the weight reduction doesn't effect how they wear, I think these are a mondo step in the right direction.

And the kicker? There's a $5 replacement plan on every one, new or old. Send 'em your old one and five bucks for shipping, and they send you a brand spankin' new one. Now, if only they'd update the shaft as well...

Anyways, definitely lookin' forward to send them my beat-up v1 head and tryin' out the new one.

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