Thursday, October 21, 2010

TCU: The Crunkest-Uppest

Just a quick 'n dirty cyclocrunk #2 rehash.

Only shot I could find of me from this time, although Cort has a video up on fixmemphis that I'm in for like five seconds.

I definitely pushed myself a bit harder this time, but I think the thing that did the most for me was a better start. Don't get me wrong, I was still moo-ing through the first coupla laps, passing bunches of people, and at one point I actually just walked over a barrier that was so choked with people. But at least I did pass 'em, instead of getting stuck in a long line and playing it safe like last time. Next week, I'm toying with the idea of a semi-aggressive start. I didn't catch up to Cort until the fifth or sixth lap, and I feel like we're on a more or less equal footing. If I start a bit closer to 'im, maybe I can use all that wasted time behind people and close the gap.

The sand pit was absolutely KILLER this time. They lengthened it a bit, and I was definitely feeling it. The entire last lap I was a misstep away from a full-on calf cramp. Aside from the start, I feel like that's the only thing I can really improve on: race preparation - hydrating, maybe a banana right before the race, pre-riding a bit to warm up. And just working on nerves. It's weird how I have no intention of winning, and yet still get all shaky and bugged-out right before the race. Probably some of that has to do with just feeling a little bit outta place. It's not like I'm against being aerodynamic and bootylicious, it's just a little unsettling to be so seemingly outnumbered. I know they're just dudes, but they're UNIFORMED dudes! Like nimble stormtroopers!

Aaaaaaanyways, cyclocross is fun. Thinking about doing spookycross, but for that one you have to have a license and all that shit. Not that I couldn't get a one-day, but talk about intimidating. Welcome to the big leagues, junior.

And on a quick sidenote, according to my friend Andy, the bike lane on Southern has begun! I'm not sure how far it currently stretches, but Anthony went out to take pictures of it, so depending on when you're reading this, you can probably head over to his blog, Pedal Power and find out.


  1. Cyclocross isn't really a team effort but we could definitely help each other. I was thinking about this earlier today: balls out on laps 1, 4 and 7. Drafting each other on the other laps. Seriously, because I lined up right behind you and Amber on this race so I think you've got enough to dig deeper on the first couple of laps. Fourth and fifth lap I was burping but I think I can just lean to the side and puke while still riding!

  2. Dear Janitor,
    Stop riding with keys on your hip. It hurts worse when you fall!

    Your friendly Anonymous poster.


  4. "The Memphis MPO is gathering feedback on local bicycle and pedestrian issues, concerns, and habits from local residents to use in the update of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. Please click on the below link to complete the survey. It will take you just a few minutes and is a great way to be sure YOUR voice is heard. The survey will run through December 31, 2010. "

    When you get to write in what you want to see in your area maybe a Hardcourt Polo Court would be a nice response?

    You must be busy moving?

  5. Yup been busy moving for sure. Getting internet today, been stealing someone's wireless for the past coupla days but I really haven't even had time to check anything out online.

    Watched that video - their courts seem alot bigger than ours. I have yet to see a really good, exciting polo video. This one kinda shot itself in the foot on that score because of the soundtrack. It's kinda hard to get all riled up when the music is all sweeping n' epic.

  6. Oh and yeah did the survey, definitely mentioned that as one of the projects.


    Watch it then get your girl motivated and lets go ride campus!