Friday, October 15, 2010

In which I get crunk


Yeah, that's right. I bartered away a pizza for a coupla cyclocross tires, slapped a brake on, and I got crunk.

Maybe too crunk:


While I definitely finished in the solid middle of the pack, I had a ton of fun in my first cyclocross race and I'm definitely in for the next two. I might even check out Spookycross, although that one seems a bit less for fun and more for the pure, jock-tastic voyage.

The race itself was a bit of a clusterfuck, with just over 75 people all starting together on a relatively narrow course. I mean, I always meant to just race for fun, but if you don't get out in front of the pack at the very beginning, you're pretty much screwed.

Of course, even with a good start I probably woulda been dropped relatively quick. While the dismount came pretty easy - I can come in pretty hot and still get off with just the two-step before the jump - I can't remount for shit. Somehow the vaulting directly into the saddle just freaks me out. I know I could do it, but my brain is just like, uh, no.

I also took a dive pretty early on, near the end of the second lap, skewing my handlebars about 30 degrees to the left for the remainder of the race. Ah well, I'm better prepared for the next one. The question is, do I wanna take this seriously enough to try and come out of the gate in a good position?

Anyways, cyclocrunk has two more dates, October 19th and 26th. Check it out! You don't need a fancy setup to race, just do it for fun - I could use the camaraderie. For some more pictures, check out the cyclocrunk flickr.

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