Thursday, December 24, 2009

Spoke card maaaaaadness!

So I've lost two spoke cards that I loved dearly - presumably from flying out while I'm riding. I'd hate to think that someone stole them. Or anyway, I hate losing them, but I suppose if someone liked them enough to steal them I could appreciate that. But I digress. Just so there's a record of them existing, I decided I'd share my handmade goodness.

Side One:

Dinosaurs. That breath fire. And shoot lasers. At flying Greek statue faces. In a Mosque? YES.

Side Two:

Rocketeer Bandicoot avoids big ol' gorilla and zebra-esque, watermelon-eatin'-dude on his way to Saturn via an impressionist painting.

On the one hand, I think spoke cards are a little silly. I mean, I kinda feel like I'm jumping on a bandwagon. But still, they're pretty nifty, and a nice way to customize your bike with your own flair if you don't wanna paint or sticker your frame, which I don't. So woohoo for spoke cards!

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