Sunday, November 1, 2009

Followin' the Taco again

Once again, I find myself responding to another of Anthony's posts, specifically the idea of vehicular cycling.

As a concept, I think it's generally a good one: Bikes have the same rights and responcibilities of cars when on the road, so they should act like one. However, yet again, the exception rears its ugly head in the form of Memphis.

Say for a sec that Memphis drivers DID treat bikes as they do cars. Coming upon a bike, in this case, is like coming upon a car doin' 25 mph. Best case scenario, people find it annoying. Worst case scenario is a little worse.

On second thought, maybe Memphians are the best at treating bikes as cars. Maybe I should do an experiment and see if I get harassed more as a bicyclist or as a slow moving car...

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