Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cyclist punched in the face at U of M

Cort has a write up over on Fix Memphis and the Daily Helmsman has an article up.

As if I really need to say it, this is both horrible and typical. While I haven't been physically assaulted while riding in Memphis, I have gotten close. It's not too hard to imagine at all. I hope they find 'em and Zac sues 'em hard.

Almost as bad as the act itself is the quotes that they have from students:
"It gets annoying when you're trying to go to class, and you can't run them over."
"They need to stay off the road and ride on the sidewalk."
Ugh.  Disgusting.  I mean, there are always gonna be people like this, it just sucks having to see it.  Course, they wouldn't have to deal with (slow) bikes on the road if we had the adequate facilities.  But more to the point, it shouldn't matter whether we have bike lanes or not - bikes have a right to the road too.  Again, shouldn't even need to say it, but obviously some people don't know - or just don't care.

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