Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 4th Polo Friendlies

So July 4th was awesome, largely thanks to a sweet cadre of Little Rockers. Our first time on the Riverdale court was intoxicating - can't wait to get back some time! Of course, it's STILL not within official NAH court dimensions - in fact, the only court I've ever played on that was is the Street Hockey court in Southaven, and it feels TOO big to me.

Nathan from Little Rock is downright dangerous, and I'm not talking about the spill in which he rolled over my back wheel (that was my fault anyway). I've never played against anyone with his gift for switchbacks, somehow enticing you to follow him on the wrong sides. Fast breakaways, combined with his shot - hard, accurate, lengthy, and surprising (you think you got him blocked? THINK AGAIN. He'll find that line.) - make him the elegant assassin of Little Rock polo.

Anyways, I took a few pictures, though, as usual, not as many as I wanted to going in:

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  1. i stand by google maps pixel conversion! we're gunna take a measuring tape next time and settle this once and for all!