Monday, June 20, 2011

Hardcore Polo Article

Adam posted this to the Memphis Polo facebook. Probably one of the best intro to polo articles I've read in quite a while. Check it out:

Sean Ingram of Coalesce explains hardcourt bike polo


  1. But still, fuck your Facebook and Twitter for a month, and find something awesome.

  2. so i quit using Facebook and Twitter for a month and found something awesome called Tumblr! Thanks for the advice Kermit!

  3. for real though, kermit, you gunna be our third for the NA's or not?!

    why does everyone ignore my text messages!!!

    bret, you're guilty of this as well...

  4. Because I ASSumed you knew how to operate the call feature on your phone... Mr. (anti)Social networker. Neither of you have passports and they take 4-6 weeks to process normally.