Friday, February 11, 2011


About a week ago I decided I wanted some dedicated polo gloves. I'd been using some downhill gloves that Kermit had given me, but the palm had finally started to wear through. Not to say that they weren't good gloves, just a bit thrashed at this point. So I started looking around, seeing what was out there, and came across some street hocky gloves at fixcraft, and I thought hell, long as I'm paying for shipping I'll get a new pole, too. Nothing wrong with my eighth inch one, but it's always been a bit heavier than others I've used - plus, having a nice back-up (as opposed to the golf-clubbers I have now) is probably a good idea for the inevitable shattering of my current mallet. I was also thinking about trying out Milwaukee Bicycle Company's pole, but seeing as how I know someone who already loves their fixcraft pole, and the fact that it's just a hair lighter per inch, AND that the gloves were a tad cheaper, I decided to wait until next time to try out MKE's offering.

So, today my shaft and gloves came in, and I hit the jaaaackpoooooot. Observe:


Fixcraft really hooked it up! Lotsa sweet stickers, some spoke cards, sweet junk food pins (nachos, chips, pizza, burger!) AND a T-shirt! Made me feel all gooey inside! You can really tell that they're in it just for the love of polo. Can't wait to get out there and try it all out.

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