Sunday, July 11, 2010


+ = TONIGHT! 8 pm! 1st Baptist Church!

I've been thinking about changing the day of the week, or possibly just adding another day - Anyone have any particular day/time they like? I was thinking Wednesday sometime in the evening, just because Revolutions has their ice cream rides on Sunday and we have people that can't get there 'til late. But nothin's set in stone right now.


  1. I'm happy to host another night per week, and maybe we can play on Saturday afternoons instead of Sundays. Maybe Wednesday 6 til whenever and Saturdays from 6 til whenever?

  2. as long as it's not super late on week nights.

  3. Wednesdays I can do at 6, but Saturdays I have to work till 9. I'd still come after I got off, just yeah dunno if anyone would be around 3 1/2 hours after start time - that's usually about when we pack it in on Sundays. I am just one person, tho. If 6 people can do it then, I say go for it


  4. Welcome back Anthony,yes yes to more nights just let me know the days I'm more than willing.