Friday, June 25, 2010

Polo Wheel Covers

So, after a few busted spokes and some crazy out of true wheels, I decided it was time to make some wheel covers. There are numerous sources out there if you're looking how to do it yourself, but I mostly used this one. They recommend using corrugated plastic, which is exactly what campaign signs are made out of. So if you don't mind waiting 'til right after a race is over, they're pretty much yours for the taking. Just make sure you wait until the race is over. Unless it's a candidate you don't like. Kidding! (mostly)

Here's how mine turned out:


First I spray painted them a nice base blue and then went over with acrylic paint. I have yet to zip-tie 'em to my wheels, but I hope to be rockin' 'em by this Sunday. Come on down and play, this Sunday at 8 pm! First Baptist Church, East Parkway and Poplar.


  1. fuckin way to suck at life

    love B

  2. jk fresh nasty stands we aren't drunk and i don't smoke crack

  3. yours are only close to comparison with the spokes green cover the rest are way sup par quality to that art work which one of the three of yall did them drawlings

  4. You guys are playing polo?!?!! Really? Well its ON! See you Sunday!

  5. haha see ya there!

    I've been toying with changing the date tho'. Revolutions has the ice cream ride every sunday right now so it kinda pulls from our potential playerbase. But yeah, wanna see what works for everyone before a new day is set.