Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sweet Action Recycled Messenger Bags

So ya want one of those fancy messenger bags but don't wanna shell out the sixty-plus smackers for a really nice one? Make your own! Check out Make magazine's video showing how to make a messenger bag outta old plastic bags! Ours turned out totally boffo (thanks to Cara - I'd definitely never used a sewing machine before this.)

The whole famdamily!

Check out the individual shots after the break.

This is the first one Cara made - classic, stylish, black trash bags.

Then she upped the ante with this azure achievement. Ooooh, pretty!

Her sister Ali crafted this wallet thingy outta bags that said meat on 'em - doesn't it just look like there could be a dripping slab of beef in there?

Finally, my contribution. Not so much a messenger bag as a messenger pouch; I haven't added the strap yet.

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