Monday, October 5, 2009

Not Quite the Greenline

While we all wait with bated breath for the Greenline, I thought I'd share some of my old standby bike routes while they're still relevant.

1. Midtown to East Memphis

This is my normal commuting route, assuming I'm not running late. I usually make this one in about 45 minutes, taking it easy. It's pretty nice in that it avoids major roads for the most part, with the notable exception of Southern. While Southern isn't extremely crowded where I'm on it, the speed limit does jump up to 45, which can be a bit unsettling.

Cara figured this one out last year while trying to find a nice way to school, but I've come to find out that quite a few people know about the cutting through Chickasaw Gardens trick. It's a must for any Memphis Commuter.

2. Midtown to Downtown

I picked this one up from Dennis back when I was riding with him and Erica in the New Gears Alleycat.

It's a bit roundabout, but again, it stays away from most major roads. In fact, it goes through the UT parking lot and the Southwest Campus. Definitely a fun little route.

Of course, neither of these are the most direct/fastest routes, but they're definitely less harrowing than Poplar.

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